Tooling and Finishes

Tooling finishes are generally applied to stones to match to existing or adjoining stone and we have listed out the more common finishes.

Stugged FinishStugged Finish

The stone generally has a margin which can either be plain or droved finished (see below) and the main stone surface is broken up by random chisel point markings. The finish can vary from a light stugged finish to quite a deep broken surface.

Broached FinishBroached Finish

Again the stone generally has a margin and the main stone surface is formed by running parallel chiselled lines in the surface. These lines can vary in terms of depth and size of the centres.

Droved FinishDroved Finish

The stone is generally finished with a fine vertical or angled line of wide edged chisel markings. The surface is not broken as with broaching or stugging but it is marked.

Sparrow Pecked FinishSparrow Pecked Finish

The stones face is sunken to a depth ΒΌ . The surface of the stone is chiselled then picked with a mallet and sharp point.

Split Face Wallstone FinishSplit Face Wallstone Finish

The face of the stone is split to provide a rough texture to the face and the beds and joints are thereafter hammer finished to provide definition.

Reticulated Ashler, Bush HammeredReticulated Ashler Finished, Bush Hammered

The surface of the stone is cut in a serious about 3/8 in deep. The sinkings are worked to a gauge and separated by bands which are all the same width. Once complete the sinkings are picked with a sharp point.